Euro Truck Simulator 2
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84 verfügbare Errungenschaften:

1 Friends Are Always Here to Help You Use automatic parking 1862 84.2%
2 Diesel, No Petrol! Use a filling station 1734 73%
3 Zzzzz Use a rest stop 1633 68.8%
4 Sardine Utilize a boat 1398 58.6%
5 Choo-Choo Use the train to cross the channel 1083 46.5%
6 From the Comfort of Your Home Buy a truck online 836 37.6%
7 Careerist Complete 5 jobs in a row - in-time, without taking any damage to cargo and without using autoparking 989 36.2%
8 Honey, I'm Home Use quick travel to return to your headquarters 1034 32.9%
9 Reliable Contractor Perform jobs for at least 15 different companies in the game 753 31.4%
10 All Is Possible Take and complete jobs with at least 30 different cargo 646 26.2%
11 My Precious Design and apply to your truck a custom multi-color metallic paint 643 22.8%
12 National Company Own a garage in every city in your headquarter country 404 20.2%
13 Job Is Only Worth It If It's Done Well! Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) for a job that is at least 1,000 km 597 20.1%
14 Aquaphobia Travel across the Øresund Bridge between København and Malmö (requires Scandinavia DLC) 677 19.8%
15 Experience Beats All! Complete deliveries with all trailer types (Machinery, ADR cargo, Container, Refrigerated, Liquid cargo, Fragile cargo, Construction, Bulk cargo) 480 16.6%
16 Long Hauler Complete a delivery that was greater than 2,000 km 467 16.2%
17 Swimming in Success Reach an average daily profit of €450,000 379 15.7%
18 Minimaxer Gain 20,000 XP for several consecutive jobs with the total distance below 10,000 km 362 14.7%
19 Size Matters Deliver first oversize cargo (requires Special Transport DLC) 413 13%
20 Time for Big Hauling Deliver first Heavy Cargo (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) 470 12.8%
21 Profit Hunter Complete a job worth over €130,000 and minimum 2,200 km 297 9.1%
22 I Am a GPS Discover more than 60% of the map 257 8.3%
23 Property Magnate Own a garage in every city 179 8.1%
24 Performance Optimizer Achieve at least 75% of the average garage productivity for 10 large garages in your company. 257 8%
25 Working with the Elite Achieve 100% of productivity for at least 5 large garages at the same time 252 7.7%
26 Head Hunter Discover all recruitment agencies 171 6.4%
27 Successfully Docked Use all ports in the game (counts sea and train ports) 200 6%
28 All Around the Blue Island Discover all Sardinian cities (requires Italia DLC) 146 5.9%
29 Big Brother Complete delivery of the Haul Truck Chassis (requires Special Transport DLC) 159 5.6%
30 Sightseer Discover all Scandinavian cities (requires Scandinavia DLC) 197 5.5%
31 Mind the Lava Visit Etna and Vesuvius volcanoes (requires Italia DLC) 182 5.4%
32 Parking Challenge Complete 20 deliveries choosing the trailer delivery option which requires reversing 12 5.2%
33 Aspects of Professionalism Have at least 10 female and 10 male employees of maximum level in your company 200 5%
34 Test Drive Limited Drive at least 999 km during jobs with each truck brand featured in the game. Only your owned trucks are counted. (MAN, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Iveco, Scania, Volvo) 149 4.4%
35 Just in Time! Take an urgent delivery for a minimum of 550 km and complete it with less than 30 minutes remaining 159 4.1%
36 Volvo Trucks Lover Deliver truck cargo from Volvo Trucks factory (requires Scandinavia DLC) 162 4%
37 Giant Complete delivery of the Silo cargo (requires Special Transport DLC) 110 3.9%
38 True Sicilian Own a garage in every Sicilian city (requires Italia DLC) 143 3.9%
39 Bon Voyage! Discover all French cities (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 123 3.9%
40 Scania Trucks Lover Deliver truck cargo from Scania factory (requires Scandinavia DLC) 148 3.8%
41 Imperator Discover all Italian cities (requires Italia DLC) 104 3.5%
42 You Bet I Can Park It! Collect 1,000 XP from parking on Heavy Cargo Pack deliveries (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) 121 3.4%
43 Cattle Drive Complete a livestock delivery to Scandinavia (requires Scandinavia DLC) 148 3.4%
44 Not a Big Problem Complete 3 consecutive oversize jobs without any damage (requires Special Transport DLC) 105 3.3%
45 Not a Canoe Complete delivery of the Service Boat (requires Special Transport DLC) 88 3.2%
46 All Around the Isle of Beauty Discover all Corsican cities (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 78 3.2%
47 Baltic Tourist Discover all Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC cities (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 81 2.9%
48 Ferryman Use a river ferry (requires Road to the Black Sea DLC) 60 2.5%
49 Driver Exceptionnel Complete deliveries on all oversize routes in current map (requires Special Transport DLC) 76 2.5%
50 Balkan Explorer Discover all cities in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey (requires Road to the Black Sea DLC) 49 2.3%
51 Pathfinder Discover 100% of the map 77 2.3%
52 Whatever Floats Your Boat Deliver cargo to all container ports in Scandinavia (requires Scandinavia DLC) 91 2.3%
53 Ranger Visit all border crossings between Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey (requires Road to the Black Sea DLC) 51 2.2%
54 I Thought This Should Be Heavy?! Complete a delivery of all heavy cargoes in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) 82 2.1%
55 Keep Calm and Haul Heavy Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of 3 consecutive Heavy Cargo Pack jobs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) 79 2.1%
56 Michelangelo Complete a delivery from Carrara quarry (requires Italia DLC) 76 2%
57 Many Roads Lead to Rome Enter Rome from all corridors that lead to it (requires Italia DLC) 76 2%
58 Miner Complete delivery jobs to all quarries in Scandinavia (requires Scandinavia DLC) 81 2%
59 Sailor Deliver yachts to all Scandinavian marinas (requires Scandinavia and High Power Cargo Pack DLCs) 85 2%
60 Landmark Tour Discover following landmarks of France: Carcassonne, Brotonne bridge, Tiger tank, Peyrat-le-Château, Château de Ventadour, Château d'Ussé (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 66 1.8%
61 Go Nuclear! Deliver cargo to five nuclear plants in France (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 65 1.8%
62 Taking the Scenic Route Visit the following landmarks and locations: Iron Gates, Bran Castle (Romania), Pomorie Beach, Wall of Heroes in Varna (Bulgaria), Lake Küçükçekmece in Istanbul (Turkey) (requires Road to the Black Sea DLC) 36 1.7%
63 Check-in, Check-out Deliver cargo to all cargo airport terminals in France (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 57 1.6%
64 Gas Must Flow! Deliver diesel, lpg or petrol to all truck stops in France (requires Vive la France ! DLC) 56 1.6%
65 No Pain No Gain Deliver total of 250 tons of cargo on 5 consecutive jobs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC) 60 1.6%
66 Mass-to-don Deliver at least 195 tons of oversized cargo in just 3 consecutive deliveries (requires Special Transport DLC) 63 1.5%
67 Captain Deliver cargo to all Italian shipyards (requires Italia DLC) 52 1.5%
68 The Bigger the Better Complete delivery of all oversize cargoes (requires Special Transport DLC) 55 1.5%
69 Grand Tour Complete perfect deliveries (no damage, no fines, on time) between the following countries: Russia - Lithuania; Lithuania - Latvia; Latvia - Estonia; Estonia - Russia; Russia - Finland. Any order or direction counts (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 45 1.4%
70 Conquistador Discover every city in Iberia (requires Iberia DLC) 28 1.2%
71 Like a Farmer Deliver cargo to each farm in Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 32 1.1%
72 Concrete Jungle Complete 10 deliveries from concrete plants (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 35 1.1%
73 Industry Standard Make at least two deliveries to each locomotive, furniture and paper mill factories (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 32 1.1%
74 Exclave Transit Complete 5 deliveries from Kaliningrad to any other Russian city (requires Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) 36 1.1%
75 Turkish Delight Complete 3 deliveries from Istanbul which are at least 2,500 km long (requires Road to the Black Sea and Going East DLCs) 27 1%
76 Orient Express Complete deliveries between following cities, in this order and direction: Paris-Strasbourg, Strasbourg-Munich, Munich-Vienna, Vienna-Budapest, Budapest-Bucharest, Bucharest-Istanbul (requires Road to the Black Sea and Going East DLCs) 26 0.9%
77 Along the Black Sea Complete perfect deliveries (no damage, no fines, on time) between these coastal cities: Istanbul-Burgas, Burgas-Varna, Varna-Mangalia, Mangalia-Constanța. Any order or direction counts (requires Road to the Black Sea DLC) 26 0.9%
78 Grand Tour Guide View cutscenes from all viewpoints in Iberia (requires Iberia DLC) 20 0.6%
79 Iberian Pilgrimage Complete a delivery from Lisbon, Seville, and Pamplona to A Coruña (requires Iberia DLC) 20 0.5%
80 Fleet Builder Deliver cargo to all shipyards in Iberia (requires Iberia DLC) 19 0.5%
81 Let's Get Shipping Deliver cargo to all container ports in Iberia (requires Iberia DLC) 17 0.5%
82 Taste the Sun Deliver ADR cargo to all solar power plants in Iberia (requires Iberia DLC) 17 0.5%
83 Achievement (Upcoming) 0 0%
84 Spring Task (Upcoming) 1 0%